If you haven’t learned the key steps to Write Better Emails, then…

  • You’re sending WAY TOO MANY nudges and chase-up emails

  • You’re worried about tone (don’t want to sound like a douche)

  • You get stuck in all the detail and end up writing a novel

  • You’re sick to death of chasing people who don’t reply

  • You repeat yourself multiple times before people actually do their actions

  • Or maybe you’re just terrified of what people will think. How you’ll sound. That you’ll look less professional or less intelligent or less ANYTHING you want/need to be at work


You know there’s GOT to be a better way. You’re sure you could be writing those emails better. Faster. More purposefully. More EFFECTIVELY. You just haven’t known how. Until NOW.

I want you to imagine how different your day would be if you spend ONE HOUR LESS in your inbox. Imagine hitting send on an email and getting a reply within minutes. Imagine NOT having to chase up that client for those documents. Imagine being able to deliver the hardest messages. Fast. With confidence.

I read aaaaaaall kinds of advice about how to write better emails. Grammarly has about 50 blogs on it. All of them try to teach you how to be a wordsmith, and sculpt more prose. But you’re not a freaking author. You’re not writing novels. That advice PISSES ME OFF because it will slow you down.

You do not need to learn how to be a wordsmith.

They also tell you you can choose just the right words to get just the right tone. But that relies on people reading your email word for word which they WON’T. And it completely ignores everything we know about neurolinguistics and emotional leakage (sounds messy. And it is.) because the more words you use, the more people will think they can read between the lines and pick up on some subtle tone or emotion which may or may not exist but it’s out of your control.

You do not need to learn how to choose just the right words.

You just need some simple steps to follow, every time.

Steps that work because we know how readers behave, and we know how to use neuroscience to influence that behaviour. It’s that simple.

Write less. Get results.


  • Subject lines – that prime real estate in someone’s inbox where the conversation actually starts but you’re putting dumb things like “Scan Data from FX-9E9734” (insert face-palm emoji here)

  • Greetings – you think you know how to say hi. You don’t.

  • How to sign off – (see above)

  • How not to sound like a douche

  • Structure so your reader can skim-read (because they will, whether you like it or not)


  • Write an email FAST

  • Get a better, faster response to every email

  • Deliver even the hardest messages

  • Get your reader to take action. YES! That means they’ll do the stuff you need them to do!

  • Influence your reader by getting certain parts of their brain to light up

  • Structure emails (and any other communication) so that you’re seen as competent, efficient, and oh-so-smart. PLUS you’ll learn the spychology and neuroscience behind why it works

  • Impress the shit outta your boss


10 punchy videos

Watch them all in one short sharp hit, or work through them as you feel like it. Like when you’re feeling stabby and need to get your mind off John the office dickhead. Or when you want to email that client and say career-ending things. Or instead of eating on a coffee-break cos you’re doing intermittent fasting (and how did the day get so loooooooong?).

A step-by-step guide to writing even the trickiest emails

Like the NO email.

Or the push-back email.

Or the let-them-down-gently email.

Or the yes-fine-I-still-don’t-like-you-but-look-at-me-being-civil-like-a-boss-anyway email.

Or the read-my-lips-while-I-speak-slowly-these-are-not-hard-instructions-but-you’ll-get-them-wrong-anyway email.

Or the you’re-up-the-foodchain-from-me-but-I-still-need-you-to-hear-that-you’re-wrong email.

Or just your standard I-need-you-to-do-this-thing-but-I-don’t-want-to-sound-like-an-ass email.

I’ll give you 10 steps to follow. That’s just so you can learn the process. Once you’ve used it a few times, it gets easy. Like, next-level easy. Like “pitch for and win $60k work in a 3-minute email” easy. I’m not exaggerating. That’s literally how I run my business. 

Downloadable PDF resources so you have reference examples

To get the magic of these emails you need to SEE and FEEL how they work

Check back any time so you can follow the examples until you’re comfortable

Heck, print them out and keep them beside your keyboard, if you want.

Confidence. And speed. I’m not kidding. 

The way you’ll rock through your emails now will be mind-blowing. You’ll write FAST with next-level confidence. No more reading and re-reading your emails before you hit SEND with a cold sweat on your brow. Your clients/manager/colleagues/stakeholders/whoever you’re emailing will see a person who doesn’t muck around, knows their shit, can be trusted to be efficient and up-front, and basically is the epitome of all things professional.

I’ve known people to get promotions and raises because of these emails.

Want some of that?


Shelly Davies

Shelly Davies (rockstar business writer, trainer, TEDx speaker) is here to remind big companies and government agencies drowning in jargon that plain language will get you better results – every. single. time. And she’s been doing it for decades now.

Because, as it turns out, business writing is more about being courageously transparent than it is about having an impressive vocab or where the f*ck to put a semi-colon. Also true for life. When we operate with authenticity, integrity, and courage, both our writing and our lives or more powerful.

Hundreds of 5-Star Google reviews !!!

Here's what hundreds of great humans have to say about Shelly's rockstar training.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to Write Better Emails

    • 1 - The problems with emails and what we can and can't fix

    • 2 - What readers want and how they behave

    • 3 - Get your email opened

    • 4 - Tone is everything!

    • 5 - Put your email to work with the BLUF

    • 6 - Be a mind reader and pre-empt their questions

    • 7 - Wrap it up with a bow

    • 8 - How it looks when it's all put together

    • 9 - Walking you through the process - 10 steps to magic emails

    • 10 - Now what?

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5 star rating

Get sh*t done emails

Meri-Ann Matchitt

Learnt so much using the 10 steps. My emails are improving and getting quick results. Practice practice practice. Thanks Shelly!

Learnt so much using the 10 steps. My emails are improving and getting quick results. Practice practice practice. Thanks Shelly!

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5 star rating

Who knew good emails could be so simple?

Kiely Evans 

Shelly's course is super easy to follow. This course breaks down how to create clear, concise and compelling emails that actually get shit done (and help you...

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Shelly's course is super easy to follow. This course breaks down how to create clear, concise and compelling emails that actually get shit done (and help you build relationships with your audience). A must for anyone sending business emails.

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