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If you're worried about whether your writing at work is up to scratch, this is where you want to start. What you learned at school or university or from your old boss is probably old-fashioned and not doing you any favours. How about 7 days and $37 to turn things around?

  • You know your writing's too waffly but you're just not sure how to fix that when there's so much you need to saaaaaay.

  • You're forever second-guessing yourself - writing and rewriting and rewriting and surely there's got to be a better way!

  • One more track-change from your reviewer or critical piece of feedback from your boss and you just might lose your sh*t.

  • You've been told so many things over the years. All those DOs and DON'Ts and SHOULDs and SHOULDN'Ts. But you don't know what's true for business writing TODAY.

  • You'd rather gnaw your own leg off than write another report and it's all just too hard and SHELLY SAAAAAVE MEEEEEE *crying emoji*

You can change things. Fast

With one task each day for 7 days and the tiniest investment (when you think about your sanity and your career), Shelly can turn it all around for you. And, bonus: Shelly works fast and with no bullsh*t. And who doesn't need less bullsh*t in their life?

Shelly Davies

Shelly Davies (rockstar business writer, trainer, TEDx speaker) is here to remind big companies and government agencies drowning in jargon that plain language will get you better results – every. single. time. And she’s been doing it for decades now.

Because, as it turns out, business writing is more about being courageously transparent than it is about having an impressive vocab or where the f*ck to put a semi-colon. Also true for life. When we operate with authenticity, integrity, and courage, both our writing and our lives or more powerful.

Your skills AND your confidence will go through the roof because you'll know:

  • What the research tells us about good writing today

  • What works for modern readers

  • What's going on in your brain when you write AND when you read

  • What good, professional documents look and feel like today

  • What's getting in your way and holding you back

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And you'll know what to do about it

Complete turn around. In seven days.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Improve your work writing in 7 days!

    • Day 1 - What is effective business writing today? Plain Language

    • Day 2 - What's going on in your brain? The writer switch!

    • Day 3 - Examples of professional documents today

    • Day 4 - Modern Readers need structure

    • Day 5 - Choosing the right words

    • Day 6 - What's a good sentence?

    • Day 7 - Let's redefine the professional voice

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Michelle Howie

Great short course, easy and digestible content. Some helpful takeaways, particularly the sentence length lesson.

Great short course, easy and digestible content. Some helpful takeaways, particularly the sentence length lesson.

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