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More confident writing and better outcomes from the moment you start.

'Professional' is the wrong goal.

Clear. Powerful. Writing that WORKS. That's what wins.

If we no longer put up with "leave your personal life at home" or shit leaders or systemic racism, why would we put up with waffly, bullshit, time-wasting documents?

Because our old-fashioned ideas about *professional writing* are making businesses haemorrhage money and probably slowing down your career development.

Karen and Murray and their subconscious bias and their snooty, out of date, look down their nose at you "way we've always done it" can crawl back into their last-century caves with the LinkedIn Police.

And the rest of us?

Let's get un-professional.

What's wrong with "professional" writing?

  • People aren't reading your documents..

  • You're not getting the action and outcomes you want

  • You spend hours writing and rewriting and rewriting and...

  • Your boss's next lot of track changes just might send you over the edge.

  • You're doing all the things you ever got taught but it's just. not. working.

  • Your "professional" voice is alienating people. Quite frankly, it makes you sound like a dick.

  • You know there's GOT to be a better way. You just don't f*cking know what it is.

You're way too smart to keep doing this.

We have ideas about what makes writing 'professional' that are lingering like a bad smell from all kinds of stuffy and outdated and straight-up unacceptable systems. Systems that were designed to:

  • Privilege the educated elite
  • Disenfranchise the already marginalised
  • Make access to knowledge a privilege instead of a RIGHT

That is not the world we now live in.

This is not a world where we're willing to tolerate those systems any longer.

Our ideas about what makes professional writing are simply NO. LONGER. TRUE. Those ways of writing alienate. They marginalise. Cause harm. THEY ARE FAILING YOU, YOUR BUSINESS, AND YOUR READERS.

But how did we get here?

You know when you start that new job and they ask you to write a report and you go and find one that's been written before so you can copy it? Yeah, that.

You know those university assignments that rewarded you for padding out your writing to reach the word limit? Yeah, that.

You know that older (pale-er? male-er?) manager who told you to write 'like this' because it's what got him to where he is today? 

Yeah, that.

So, here's what we're going to do about it with FULL ACCESS TO THE WHOLE SCHOOL:

  • Learn how modern readers behave so you can write documents that people will actually read

  • Find a powerful voice by reconnecting with your most natural ways of communicating

  • Build trust and credibility through clear, concise writing

  • Win over your audience with writing that's persuasive and influential

  • Deconstruct the writing process so you can do it better. More efficiently. More successfully.

  • Feel confident knowing that these new approaches are supported by *decades* of research

  • Feel more confident knowing that plain language is the way of the PRESENT and the FUTURE

  • FEEL SUPREMELY CONFIDENT having the specialist tools for an entire range of writing types

  • Save time. Save time. SAVE TIME. Saaaaave tiiiiiiiime!

Who's Shelly Davies?

Miraka Davies

Miraka (Shelly) Davies (rockstar business writer, trainer, TEDx speaker) is here to remind big companies and government agencies drowning in jargon that plain language will get you better results – every. single. time. And she’s been doing it for decades now.

Because, as it turns out, business writing is more about being courageously transparent than it is about having an impressive vocab or where the f*ck to put a semi-colon. Also true for life. When we operate with authenticity, integrity, and courage, both our writing and our lives or more powerful.

Hundreds of 5-star Google reviews!

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No boring here. No quizzes, no assignments. Short, punchy videos you can watch anytime, anywhere, with tools you can use instantly.

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Still on the fence?

This might seem like some new, rebellious approach to writing. But plain language has been around for more than 80 years.

  • Plain Language is is so widely acknowledged as the best communication for modern readers, there's even an

    It's used by governments and in situations where life is on the line

  • I train thousands of people a year across all sectors and industries including government departments

  • Shelly's courses are all video with no assignments. Bite sized nuggets of deliciousness that will change your writing IMMEDIATELY. No time commitment required - just graze when you feel like it (or binge-watch. It's like ShellyFlix)

You have options!

Let's go make some magic and get your writing just as powerful as you want it to be.

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  • How much time will I have to commit to learning?

    Shelly's a realist. She knows people who want to improve their writing at work are probably already juggling too many balls. That's why every course is made up of short, punchy videos - usually 5 minutes or less.

    Each one has a principle or a tool you can start using immediately. Some lessons have suggested activities you could practice to hone your skills. But there are no assignments or tests, and no specific time commitment.

    Watch a video while you wait for your takeout or drink your coffee in the morning. Binge watch or graze. This is truly learning for the busy unProfessional.

  • How long does my subscription last?

    When you enrol on any course, specialist pathway, or all access subscription, your enrolment is for 12 months. During those 12 months you have unlimited access including all new content that's added during that time. There's no recurring subscription, so you won't get caught out with unexpected charges on your credit card.

  • Can my business get access to the school for all our staff?

    Absolutely! And we have pricing options for different sized businesses. email Shelly to find out more.

  • What's your refund policy?

    Because enrolling means you get instant access to the content, we don't offer refunds. We've made sure there are free courses and sneak peaks so you can try before you buy. Check out the Freebies & Sneak Peeks to get a feel for Shelly's style.

  • Why USD?

    People worldwide are un-schooling themselves with The School of unProfessional Writing. While Shelly's based in New Zealand, the need for clarity in communication and information is global.

  • What if I've got more questions?

    No worries at all! Email Shelly and we'll have a chat!